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The state is expected to issue permits to open medical marijuana dispensaries and grow/processing facilities next month.

May 26 2017  ·  7:30 am

In about a month, Pennsylvania is expected to announce the winners of what essentially amounts to golden tickets: permits to open the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries and grow/processing facilities.

The Department of Health will issue up to 12 permits for grower/processors and up to 27 permits for dispensaries statewide during the first phase of rollout. Region 5, which includes Allegheny County, will get five of those dispensary permits and two grower/processor permits. DOH is expected to make the announcement in late June, and the program should be up and running by February 2018.

Last month, the state released basic information about 258 applications it had logged as of April 25. The department has received more than 500 application packages, and a DOH spokesperson said a complete list of applicants should be available in the coming weeks.

Of the applications counted so far, 22 are for grower-processor facilities in the Southwest region, and 14 are for dispensaries. The information released by the state only includes the name of the applicant. Some of those names match an LLC on file with the state. Some don’t.

Because of the scarcity of permits, many applicants haven’t gone public with their proposals. But a handful of individuals and groups that are vying to open dispensaries within city limits have. This is what we know about them:

Who: Keystone Integrated Care, which includes Molly Blasier, Russ Cersosimo and Thomas Perko
Where: 5200 Harrison St.
 “We were part of the advocacy that led to the legislation. One thing that Pa. did well was maintain a medical focus,” a representative said at a May meeting with Lawrenceville United, per notes. Read more.

Who: Veteran

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